Monday, 23 May 2005

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Comparison of Chondroitinase Digestion on Rat Spinal Cord Using Anion Exchange Chromatography

Rohini D'Souza, William J Dollard, Anthony O Caggiano, Gargi Roy, Yelena G Sheptovitsky, Sarah J Kasperbauer, and Elliott Gruskin. Acorda Therapeutics, Hawthorne, NY

Chondroitinases are enzymes that degrade chondroitin sulfate proteoglycans (CSPG) and show promise for the treatment of spinal cord injury1 and related neurological disorders.

Anion exchange chromatography is commonly used to detect chondroitin disaccharides2. Recombinantly manufactured chondroitinases (ABCI, AC, and B) were tested on a series of substrates and on rat spinal cord for specificity and activity using an improved anion exchange HPLC method.

This method detects disaccharide CSPG cleavage products (&Deltadi-4S and &Deltadi-6S) with a quantification limit of 50ng. Measurements of liberated disaccharide revealed optimal enzyme concentrations, enzyme combinations, and substrate characteristics in rat spinal cord.

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