Tuesday, 24 May 2005 - 7:30 PM

This presentation is part of: Chemical Education At Its Best: Keynote Address and Teacher Awards

Weird Science: A Phenomenological Approach to Teaching

Lee Marek, University of Illinois at Chicago [Weird Science, ], Chicago, IL

"Weird Science" is a series of short, easy and sometimes "weird" demonstrations and ideas on chemical and physical phenomena. The program uses the "phenomenological" approach to teaching science -- introducing a topic with a demonstration or lab so that students have something concrete on which to focus. It will highlight the use of demonstrations as exocharmic motivators to captivate student interest with novel demonstrations guaranteed to hook kids and adults into thinking about science concepts. Humor and audience participation are an integral part of "Weird Science". As Hubert Alyea said "Surprise, humor and truth are the servants of a good lecture." "Weird Science" entertains while it educates. It is our job to awaken our student's desire to learn--to keep the students mentally coming back. You cannot communicate with people who are not mentally present. If you want "presence" you have to capture attention. "Weird Science" provides tools to capture attention. A number of these demonstrations have been presented on the David Letterman Show and the WEIRD, WEIRD, SCIENCE kids show.

Web Page: www.chem.uic.edu/marek/

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