Wednesday, 25 May 2005: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM

Room 205 (Science & Engineering Resource Center)

Biomaterials and Polymers (BIOM)

Catalytic Routes to Novel Biomaterials

Organizer:Richard A. Gross
1:30 PM Lipase Catalysis: Monomer, Macromer and Polymer Synthesis
Richard A. Gross
2:00 PM Enzymatic Catalysis in Supersaturated Solutions
Evgeny N. Vulfson
2:30 PM Enzyme Immobilization onto Polymeric Supports
M. Elizabeth Miller, James C. Bohling, Marlin K. Kinzey, James F. Tate, Jr., Mark J. VanderHoff, William J. Zabrodski
3:00 PM Break
3:30 PM Biosynthesis of Sophorolipids by Candida Bombicola Using Industrial Fatty Acid Residues and Its Anti-HIV/Spermicidal Activity
Vishal Shah, Arthur Felse, Gustavo F. Doncel, Richard A. Gross
3:45 PM Fermentative Production of Sophorolipids by Candida bombicola Using Industrial Fatty Acid Residues and its Anti-HIV/Spermicidal Activity
Vishal Shah, P. Arthur Felse, Gustavo F. Doncel, Richard Gross
4:00 PM Regioselective Modification of Starch Nanoparticles by CAL-B
Soma Chakraborty, Richard Gross
4:15 PM Crosslinking/Branching Studies for Polymers Synthesized By Chemical Versus Enzyme-Catalyzed Synthetic Methods
Wei Gao, Jun Hu, Ankur S. Kulshrestha, Wenchun Xie, Richard A. Gross
4:30 PM Self-Assembly of Fermentative products from Candida bombicola
Shuiqin Zhou, Chang Xu, Jun Wang, Wei Gao, Rena Akhverdiyeva, Vishal Shah, Richard Gross

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