Monday, 23 May 2005: 2:30 PM-7:00 PM

Poster Areas (Busch Campus Center)

Biological Chemistry (BIOL)

Biological Chemistry Posters

Organizer:Anita J. Brandolini
Presider:Wilma K. Olson
Purification and Characterization of Ricin from Castor seed
Srinivas V.S Chakravartula, Nagaraj Guttarla
Effects of phytoplankton and eelgrass uptake on bioavailability of toxic trace metals in marine environments
Peter R. Pascucci, Steven W. Sabean
FAD Synthetase is slightly promiscuous
David M. Yearsley, William S. McIntire, Robert J. Stanley
Biochemical properties of Ricin in Immature Castor seed
Srinivas V.S Chakravartula, Nagaraj Guttarla
Spin-Labeling and Characterization of DNA Oligonucleotides
Joseph J. Schramm III, Christopher Tuohy, Heather Skiff, Dr. Donald J. Hirsh
Sequence-dependent Cyclization of Short DNA Sequences
Luke F. Czapla, Wilma K. Olson
Oxygen Binding and Cooperativity in a De Novo Designed Heme Protein
Ronald L. Koder, Christopher S. Moser, A. Joshua Wand, P. Leslie Dutton
Comparison of Chondroitinase Digestion on Rat Spinal Cord Using Anion Exchange Chromatography
Rohini D'Souza, William J Dollard, Anthony O Caggiano, Gargi Roy, Yelena G Sheptovitsky, Sarah J Kasperbauer, Elliott Gruskin
The Influence of Abasic Sites on the Self-Assembly of DNA Quadruplexes
Cosimo Antonacci, Richard D. Sheardy
The role of proline in the folding of alpha-conotoxins
H. Reyne Herold, Amy K. Croskey, Balazs Hargittai
Electrostatic interaction between supramolecular host-guest assembly and zinc-substituted cytochrome c
Cynthia Pagba, Jane M. Vanderkooi, Kurt Deshayes, Eugene Piatnitski, Piotr Piotrowiak
Biochemical characterization of the amino-terminus of the capsaicin receptor, TRPV1
Christopher Jones, Marta Jimenez, Barry Selinsky, Joseph Rucker
Incorporation of the capsaicin receptor, TRPV1, into retroviral particles
Panagiotis Maniatis, Joseph Rucker
Paper Withdrawn
Ab initio and Density Functional Calculations of the Nucleic Acid Bases in Free and Watson-Crick Hydrogen-bonded States
A. R. Srinivasan, Ph.D., Ronald R. Sauers, Marcia O. Fenley, Alexander H. Boschitsch, Atsushi Matsumoto, Andrew V. Colasanti, Wilma K. Olson
Structure-based design, structure-conformation and structure-activity relationships of DPhe(D/L-Tic)-Pro-DArg-P1’-CONH2 tetrapeptides with inhibitory activity for thrombin
Cristina C. Clement, Manfred Philipp
Different translesion bypass of guanine–N2 monoadducts of mitomycin C and guanine-N7 monoadducts of 2,7-diaminomitosene by eta, Klenow exo-, Klenow exo+ and T7 exo- DNA polymerases
Cristina C. Clement, Maria Tomasz

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