Monday, 23 May 2005: 1:30 PM-4:20 PM

Room 218 (Science & Engineering Resource Center)

Environmental/Green Chemistry (ENVI)

Assuring Water Purity

The session will cover a number of contaminants that can enter the water supply by various means. Discussions will focus on how we can assure purity of our water supply.
Workshop Leader:Sut Ahuja
Presider:Sut Ahuja
1:30 PM Opening Remarks: Madeline Jacobs (Executive Director ACS)
1:40 PM Win a Million Dollars: Solve the Arsenic Contamination Problem
Jack Fritz
1:50 PM Assuring Water Purity for Human Consumption
Sut Ahuja
2:10 PM Poison in the Well: The Crisis of Arsenic in Drinking Water in Bangladesh
Joe Graziano
2:40 PM Leachability of Arsenic in Water Treatment Residuals
Xiaoguang Meng, Chuanyong Jing, Suqin Liu
3:10 PM Development and Deployment of an Arsenic Filter for Groundwater of Bangladesh
Abul Hussam, A. K. M Munir
3:40 PM The Utilization of Common Paramater Monitoring as an on-Line Surveillence Tool for Water Security: Identifying Distribution System Incursions through the Use of Interpretive Algorithms
Dan Kroll, Karl King
4:10 PM Concluding Remarks: William F. Carroll Jr. (President ACS)

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