Monday, 23 May 2005: 1:30 PM-5:15 PM

Room 205 (Science & Engineering Resource Center)

Biomaterials and Polymers (BIOM)

Engineered and Novel Biomaterials

Organizer:Kathryn E. Uhrich
Presider:Michael S. Yu
1:30 PM Non-Covalent Modification of Collagen Scaffolds
Michael S. Yu
2:00 PM Biomimetic Scaffolds for Vascular Tissue Engineering
Joyce Y. Wong
2:30 PM Electrospun Polymer Nanofibers and Nanospheres for Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering Scaffolds
John F. Rabolt
3:00 PM Break
3:30 PM Drug Delivery Vehicles Based on Poly(Oxyethylene Phosphonate)s
Kolio Troev, Ivan Gitsov
3:45 PM Artificial Glycopolymers for the Inhibition of Bacterial Toxins
Brian D. Polizzotti, Kristi L. Kiick
4:00 PM Glycosylation of Multifunctional Alanine-Rich Protein Polymers for Biological Applications
Ying Wang, Kristi L. Kiick
4:15 PM A Universal Synthetic Methodology to Prepare Peptide-Polymer Hybrids
Ying Mei
4:30 PM Protonation/deprotonation in natural (Bacillus subtilis spore) and synthetic (hydrogel) ionic reservoirs
Sergey V. Kazakov, Elizabeth M. Bonvouloir, Korki Miller
4:45 PM Preparation of heparinized polyethersulfone with anticoagulantion blood and itís membrance properties
Changjun Hou, Danqun Huo
5:00 PM The polymerization of actin: Structural changes from small angle neutron scattering
Alexander I. Norman, Robert Ivkov, Jeffrey G. Forbes, Sandra C. Greer

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