Tuesday, 24 May 2005: 1:20 PM-5:35 PM

Room 204 (Science & Engineering Resource Center)

Nano and Materials Science (NANO)

Surface and Interface Science II

Surface chemistry is central to a wide variety of industrial technological advances, such as cleaning, passivation and growth on semiconductor surfaces for micro- and opto-electronics, chemical tailoring of surfaces for the catalysis industry, and chemical functionalization for the sensor industry. This symposium will highlight work addressing fundamental issues in these areas.
Organizers:Yves J. Chabal
Theodore E. Madey
Presiders:Yves J. Chabal
Theodore E. Madey
1:20 PM Water-Hydrophobic Interface at the Nanoscale: Wetting Study Indicates That Water is Separated From the Hydrophobic Walls by the Vapor Gap
Alexander Y. Fadeev
1:40 PM First Principles Resonance Widths and Energies for Ions Scattering off Surfaces: Neutralization Predictions for Scattered Ions
Keith Niedfeldt, P. Nordlander, Emily A. Carter
2:00 PM Manipulation of nanoparticles growth on surfaces
Jan Hrbek
2:45 PM Orbital-specific model for chemisorption
Sara E. Mason, Ilya Grinberg, Andrew M. Rappe
3:05 PM Structure in Self-Assembled Organic Thin Films: Chirality, Nano-patterns, and Interaction Energies
Steven L. Bernasek, Feng Tao, Yuguang Cai
3:50 PM Second Harmonic Generation Probe of Dye Molecules Chemically Bonded to Colloidal Particles
Jun Han, Holly Hofer, Eric Meggers, Hai-Lung Dai
4:10 PM Self-Organizing Aromate Films: Architecture and Domain Evolution
Janice Reutt-Robey, Bo Xu, Hui Li, Diane Evans, Chenggang Tao, Ellen Williams
4:55 PM TPR and TEM Study of the Reduction of Cobalt-Silica Catalyst Precursors
Roger Barth

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