Tuesday, 24 May 2005: 2:30 PM-7:00 PM

Poster Areas (Busch Campus Center)

Organic Chemistry (ORG)

Organic Posters

Organizers:Anita J. Brandolini
Cecilia H. Marzabadi
Ligand-Free Palladium-Catalyzed Cyanation of Aryl Halides
Steven Weissman, Daniel Zewge, Cheng Chen
Synthesis of a Merck NK-1 receptor antagonist
Jason J. Kowal
Addition Of Cuprates To Spirodiepoxides Derived From Allenes: A Concise Stereocontrolled Synthesis Of α-Hydroxyketones
Partha Ghosh, Lawrence J. Williams
Preparation of 2-benzamidoindanone semicarbazone derivatives as insecticides
Elizabeth G. Rowley, Daniel H. Cohen, Ellen M. Crawford, Louis V. LaFrance, Ernest L. Plummer, David M. Roush
Preparation and reactions of chiral 2-oxazolinyloxy-substituted carbanions
Lesley-Ann Nelson, Sasan Karimi
A Geminal Chlorolactone Reaction
Andrew T. Bach, Raymond A. Baylouny, Edgar Leone, Willis B. Hammond
Synthesis and Biophysical Studies of c-di-GMP
Zhaoying Zhang, Barbara L. Gaffney, Roger A. Jones
Preparation and reactions of 2-imidazolinyloxy-substituted carbanions
Shazim Mobin, Sasan Karimi
A Practical One-Pot Preparation of 7-Hydroxyquinoline
R. Scott Hoerrner, Mark Cameron, Shawn Springfield, James McNamara, Ulf Dolling
Improved Method for Synthesis of DNA and RNA Containing a Thioalkyl Tether in the Minor Groove at Guanine for Crosslinking to Protein
Xiaorong Hou, Gang Wang, Barbara L. Gaffney, Roger A. Jones
Major Differences in RNA Metal Biding Motifs Determined by 15N NMR
Yupeng Fan, Barbara L. Gaffney, Roger A. Jones
Substituent Effects for Two Series of Substituted N-Benzylideneanilines Using NMR Spectroscopy
John Tierney, Linda M. Mascavage, Christopher Dieterick
Efficient Preparation of Acyclic Amidinium Salts by Orthoester Exchange and Amidinium Salt Transamination
Shahrokh Saba, Adeline Kojtari, Marinda M. Rivera, Peter D'Amico, Dana Canuso, Moses K. Kaloustian
An approach to syntheses of tetrahydroisoquinoline compounds
Bradley M. Hutnick, Lynn M. Bradley, David A. Hunt
Synthesis and Reactions of Bicyclic Cyclopropylamines from Intramolecular Cylopropanation of Amino Acid Derivatives
Catherine A. Faler, Madeleine M. Joullie
Synthesis of new cyclin dependent kinase 2 inhibitors
Ayana Moses, Kwesi Amoa
Assignment of 13C Chemical Shifts to Ring Carbons of Acetophenones
Donald D. Clarke
Structure-based design, synthesis and structure-activity relationship of peptide libraries containing Phe analogs as reversible inhibitors for thrombin
Cristina C. Clement, Manfred Philipp
Highly Efficient Synthesis of b-Amino Acid Derivatives via Asymmetric Hydrogenation of Unprotected Enamines
Yi Hsiao, Nelo R. Rivera, Thorsten Rosner, Shane W. Krska, Eugenia Njolito, Fang Wang, Yongkui Sun, Joseph D. Armstrong III, Edward J. J. Grabowski, Richard D. Tillyer, Felix Spindler, Christophe Malan
Reactivity Of Tris(Trimethylsilyl)Phosphite (TMSP): Attempt to prepare the N-mustard-bis Phosphonic acid of Bicine
Ji Suh, Luis Vargas, Ralph Stephani
“Instant methylide" modification of the Corey-Chaykovsky cyclopropanation reaction
James A. Ciaccio, Courtney E. Aman, Shahrokh Saba
S-Benzyl thioglycosidic mycothiol analogue
Michael Smerina, Spencer Knapp
P-Glycosyl-phosphonothiate O,O'-diesters
Kehinde A. Ajayi, Spencer Knapp
The Synthesis of a TMC-95 Intermediate from N-Boc-Tryptophan
Ahalya Ramanathan, Leslie, S. Jimenez
Study of the Selectivity of the Lithiation of Secondary and Tertiary 3,5-Difluoro-Substituted Benzamides
Michael D. Green, Francesca Khani, Lynn M. Bradley, David A. Hunt
Sythesis and Characterization of a Naphthoquinone Derived Amino Acid
Bruce R. Lichtenstein, Ronald L. Koder, P. Leslie Dutton
Facile one pot synthesis of heterocycles from allenes and mechanistic insight on the opening of spirodiepoxides
Stephen D. Lotesta, Sreenivas Katukojvala, Sezgin Kiren, R. R. Sauers, Lawrence J. Williams
Thioamides Via Thiatriazolines
Robert V. Kolakowski, Ning Shanngguan, Lawrence Williams
Stereoselective Synthesis of Alpha-hydroxy Ketones: Addition of Carbon Nucleophiles to Spirodiepoxides
Jennifer Inghrim, Lawrence J. Williams
Studies Towards the Total Synthesis of Psymberin
Ning Shangguan, Sezgin Kiren, Lawrence Williams
Stereoselective Synthesis of 1, 5 S-thiodisaccharides from L-Arabinose Enones
Zbigniew J. Witczak, David Lorchak
The development of a reliable, highly sensitive technique to determine the metal ion concentration of cells using exciton-coupled circular dichroism
Samuel A. Simpson
Total Synthesis of Cyclopeptide Alkaloid Hymenocardine
Galina V. Kapustin, Rao N. Nallagancho, Weiying Yang, Madeleine M. Joullié

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